Custom Programming

Custom programming can automate most repetitious tasks requiring less employees to run your business. Our software is developed using latest Microsoft technologies for rapid development and ease of use. We use SQL Server or Microsoft Access for database systems unless another SQL based system is preferred. Our development is mainly done using VB.NET for desktop software and web based software is developed using ASP.NET.

Custom Desktop Applications

A lot of companies need unique software due to uniqueness of their business. Custom software development can solve many problems that clients are having with their data. Often, a client knows only what the problem is and don't know a potential solution. We can help you decide what's the most effective solution within your budget requirement. With today's technologies, it is unnecessary to retype any of customer information. If your existing system cannot accomplish and track the information you need it to track, custom software is most likely answer.

Custom Web Applications

Web Application development is our specialty. From simple order form to large e-commerce web sites, we can do it all.

Data Collection and Transformation Services

Are you tired of constant moving of data from one software to another? It is likely that we can automate that process so that your staff does not have to spend any time on constantly updating different software systems. We can also retrieve data from most sources and convert it into a format useful to you.