Music Lyrics Web Site is one of the largest music lyrics web sites on the internet with hundreds of thousands of music lyrics and over 1.2 million web pages. It's content source is a large and completely searchable database. also has a robot for searching audio files that automatically publishes them on the web site once it finds the files. The content delivery system is a high performance ASP.NET application teamed up with the latest Microsoft server performance enhancement tools. Due to excellent search engine optimization and great content, this web site receives millions of hits a month.

Software Web Site is a software directory web site with a large selection of free and demo/pay categorized software. Any software development company can create an account and submit their software for a free listing on the web site. The web site has a full web based management of accounts, software submission and approval process. Each software title contains a lot of information including price, size, date added and a long description. The database contains thousands of software titles and hundreds of different categories.

Web Directory is a paid submission directory of web sites. The database of the web sites is fully searchable and contains tens of thousands of categories. The entire system consists of robots, databases, ranking algorithms system and front end ASP.NET application. The web site accepts secure PayPal/Credit card payments and automatically updates payment information. Paid listings wait for human approval of the submission in the queue. Optional ban mechanism ensures that no web site can be submitted after it has been banned for inappropriate content.

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