Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique that web masters employ to increase volume of relevant traffic to a specific web site. It includes selection of high traffic keywords, strategic web design, link building campaigns and much more. There are no major search engines that allow paid results, instead they use complicated algorithms to place web sites in their results. Knowing these algorithms is the only way to rank high on search engines.

Selecting the Right Keywords

Selecting the right keywords can make the difference between no traffic and all the traffic you deserve. Reputable web sites often loose visitors because they do not target the right keywords. Your web site may be able to rank better by simply putting the right keywords and phrases into your text. Keywords and phrases that are searched often should be included and emphasized in your text. Strategic keyword positioning also makes a big difference. Positioning your targeted keywords at just the right places in your page can make a big difference. Reasonable keyword repetition will also help score higher.

Strategic Web Design

There are many tricks that can be used to get better placement on search engines. Web designers can add their targeted keywords to file names which helps rate higher. If keywords are properly used in your page title and heading can make a difference between being the first listing and nowhere in search results. Using HTML bold tags as well as some other tags will help score higher with some search engines.

Link Building Campaigns

It is no secret that most search engines use links to determine a web site's popularity. Incoming links to your web site count as votes for your web sites, therefore increase its popularity. However, all links aren't equal. Some web sites count more then others especially if they are related to your web site. Using keyword rich anchor text is by far the best way to rate high for targeted keywords. Single keyword rich anchor text from reputable and authority (on the subject) web site can often move your listing by hundreds of positions.